Our Philosophy Is Simple: we don’t subscribe to watered-down strategies that are the same for every client. Specializing in publicity, promotions and events, we employ a bespoke combination of tactics that penetrate the consciousness of busy journalists and consumers. In addition to providing effective and creative PR solutions for our roster of travel and lifestyle clients, we’ve been successful at building compelling social media campaigns that embrace technological trends, but still engage on a very human level. At Fathom Co, our agency culture is streamlined, with a fluid structure that means we’re always available and responsive, working as a trusted partner and a comfortable extension of your team. When you call, we answer – there are no levels of management to wade through and we always have senior people working on your business.

Most importantly, we specialize in what we’re passionate about. The Fathom Co team is a collective of professionals who are avid travellers, wellness advocates, foodies and have a more than healthy obsession with décor and design. In essence, we love life and embrace style. This genuine enthusiasm for our work ensures we deliver the kind of meaningful results that ultimately impact what’s most important to you – the bottom line.

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