Alison McGill: I Can’t Live Without My…

alison 11358 1Next up in our Can’t Live Without series is THE authority on all things fashionable for the bride-to-be: Alison McGill. As the long-time editor-in-chief of Weddingbells, Alison’s day job finds her travelling the globe in search of fabulous honeymoon destinations and the latest must-have bridal style.

For a peek into Alison’s world, check out this self-professed Duranie’s Instagram feed, chock full of bridal inspiration, dreamy beauty, fashion and travel pics plus her fabulous feline, Angus.

1. Tech Toys – I am an Apple junkie. There is one of everything around my house and I love each of my devices equally – each has a purpose and a specialty. I’m the person who has to have the newest, latest and greatest when it’s launched (but no, I won’t wait in line for it).

2. Favourite Cat – I’ve had many cats in my life, each with wonderful, wild and distinctive personalities. Though I hate to play favourites, my current feline Angus may be my all-time best-loved. Angus is a rag doll, a breed that is known to be big, fuzzy, floppy, gentle, intelligent and fiercely loyal. He makes days brighter, is a loyal companion and is a patient (and popular) Instagram subject.


Caudalie_Beauty_Elixir_30ml_13662136093. Caudalie Beauty Elixir – Quite simply, it’s heaven in a bottle. I use it morning and night (and sometimes in between) after washing my face. It’s a toner-meets-serum chock full of goodness including oil of rosemary, orange blossom, rose and mint. Seven spritzes on the face are all it takes to get a gorgeous glow and an energizing lift!


4. Wedding Rings – I LOVE jewelry and accessories but these are my two all-time favourites. I never leave the house without them.

5. Chanel 2.55 Bag – This was a bucket list item that I treated myself to a few years ago for a milestone birthday. It’s a classic piece that makes you feel impossibly chic.


6 Responses to Alison McGill: I Can’t Live Without My…

  1. Loukia says:

    Love her number five!

  2. I’ll be heading to Sephora to pick up some Beauty Elixir! 🙂

  3. dee brun says:

    Great list..simple to the point and all faboosh

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