Tosca Delfino lands in the Cayman Islands

It’s been a busy few months which is why we haven’t blogged lately (our bad!) – but this fall has been CHOCK FULL of events and we’ve had an amazing time working with some very talented people.

First up was Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, where we worked closely with luxury swimwear designer, Tosca Delfino, on behalf of our client, The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. Partnering with her super talented “swim team”, lead by uber creative brand manager, Mel Ashcroft of Houndstooth Inc., we assisted in the launch of her new GRAND CAYMAN print swimwear as part of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Tosca kicked off the show with a clever little video that got the attention of everyone and had the room buzzing with anticipation for her designs: models parachuting out of a plane in her swimsuits and landing in where else, but…Grand Cayman. It was a smart and cheeky way to illustrate synergy between the two brands and we were excited to play a part in making it come to fruition. The video (view it here) was the brainchild of Mel and Tosca with videographer Tony Cicero mixing in some movie magic.

Check out the photos below from the show and the after party (the entire album is posted on our Facebook page) – attended by Toronto’s fashion elite and our eternally witty friends Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan. Stay tuned for more exciting updates of our work with Tosca Delfino and the Cayman Islands…

A swimsuit from the GRAND CAYMAN collection by Tosca Delfino

Justin Ryan (L) and Colin McAllister (R) with Paul Minich of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, Canada

Laura Johnston (L) and Mark Johnston (R) of Fathom Co with Cheryl Torrenueve and Colin McAllister of HGTV Canada’s “Home Heist”

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  1. Reading this post and dreaming of a vacay in Cayman… Love the yellow high-bikini from the fashion show!!! A few more miles on the treadmill and it’s all mine (ha!)

  2. Patrick Gorham says:

    See you all in the morning, hopefully we’ll be able to see seven mile beach from the meeting room?

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